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Elite Family Alternative

Especially made for family. 10 years membership.
Elite Family Alternative
Membership Foreigner
Membership Validity 10 years
Membership Fee THB800,000(VAT included)
Additional Famiy Member
(Immediate Family)
THB700,000(VTA included)/each
Membership Transfer None
Transfer Fee None
Member Fee None
Age Any age
Visa 5 year - renewable
Airport Sservice Yes
Departure-Arrival Lounge Yes
Short Haul Transfer Service None
Long Haul Transfer Service None
Golf None
Spa None
Annual Health Check None
Discount Yes
Member Contact Center Yes
Government Concierge Yes
90 days report Yes
Upgrade None

To provide B.E.S.T. solution to our members

The finest international membership club for superior lifestyle in Thailand.

Thailand Elite is
Operated by Thailand Authority of Tourism

Thailand Elite originates from a singular goal to present the finest that the country has to offer into one unique package for our honored guests.

Whereas, the Cabinet passed a resolution on 29 July 2003, approving the Thailand Privilege Card Project as proposed by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, whereby the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) was to implement the project in the form of limited company. "Thailand Privilege Card Company Limited" registered its incorporation under the Civil and Commercial Code on 29 August 2003, having the TAT as its sole shareholder and the registered capital of THB 1,000 million and having the status of state enterprise under the Budget Procedures Act B.E. 2502 (1959). Its objectives are to generate revenues from foreign visitors; and draw high-end visitors, businessmen, investors and the long stay groups, by offering rights and services to members. Such services are from both public and private sectors, e.g. Visa Privilege, Special Entry Visa, and Privilege Entry Visa.

As part of the Tourism Authority of Thailand, this exclusive club has access to privileges that money alone cannot buy. Thailand Elite is the world's first country membership programme with benefit for immigration, leisure, business, and much more.

Preferred treatment at golf courses, spas, hotels, clubs, and medical facilities throughout Thailand await our Members. The benefits and privileges last for a lifetime, for as a friend of the country, we want you to enjoy your time here to the fullest extent. We look forward to presenting you with our Thai heritage and hospitality famous the world.

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